Shopping District Hotel, Koo Otsuhyakucho

Shopping District Hotel, Koo Otsuhyakucho
Category: Inbound
Award Recipient: Jiyujin
Area: Shiga

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Hotel Koo Otsuhyakucho is a new kind of “media style hotel” with the concept of “eat, drink, shop, and stay in the same area.” It’s a rare experience that can’t be shared completely though media such as magazines, television, or the internet. 7 town houses in the shopping district Ozu City, Shiga were renovated to last for the next 100 years with an aim to resurrect an area through accommodations. It is a first of its kind in Japan, known as “stay founding.” With stay founding, for each person that stays at the hotel, a donation is made to the surrounding shopping area. The hotel is operated by the Nigata based company, Jiyujin, which plans and operates other facilities trying to “make hotels media.” It is locally owned by an engineering firm and designed by Moo Architect Workshop.

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