Shike Silk Paper & Products

Shike Silk Paper & Products
Category: Outbound
Award Recipient: Matsui Silk Weaving Co., Ltd
Area: Toyama

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The Johana area in Nanto city, Toyama, is a fabric town with a history of 450 years and home of Johana Silk. Shike Silk is a very rare type which is made from silk of a cocoon with two silkworms inside, which creates very unique knots or joints in the silk.These knots prevented the silk being used for high quality Japanese clothing, so it was instead used to create a very high-quality Japanese washi paper known as “Shike Silk Paper.” Shike Silk Paper is primarily used in fusuma (sliding doors), which gives the design a slight glaze shine when light hits it. Each piece has a texture that creates a different appearance from each angle.

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