Ishikawa wood & Hitotsubo Tea House

Ishikawa wood & Hitotsubo Tea House
Award Recipient: THE SAKAMOTO CO. LTD. & Hanno City
Area: Hanno City, Saitama

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The “Nishikawa Cedar and Hitotsubo Tea Room” is a project involving cedar and cypress wood (Nishikawa materials) grown in Hanno City, Saitama and the making of a one tsubo size (3.306m2) tea room by Sakamoto Co. Ltd using Nishikawa materials. Nishikawa materials are superior lumber raised in the south-western part of Saitama Prefecture, and their names came from the fact that when they were sent to Edo (Tokyo) in the past they were referred to as “good materials coming from Nishikawa.” Aiming for the succession and spread of forestry culture, which has a long history in Hanno City, the city created the “one tsubo tea room” using a team made up of the local carpentry shop “Sakamoto,” as well as other local producers and designers.

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