Sakura Yabusame

Sakura Yabusame
Category: Inbound
Award Recipient: Towada Joba Club
Area: Aomori

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Sakura Yabusame is the combination of traditional Japanese houseback archery with beautiful rows of cherry blossom trees in Towada City. Towada was previously home to Japan’s largest horse Calvary which made the city a bustling place. The sakura trees planted at the time still remain.
Towada Horseback Riding Club is the perfect place for people to interact with horses. The rituals that were held through this equine(horse) culture was historically only performed by men. However, it has now become a competitive sport for both men and women to enjoy.
In April 2019, the 16th annual competition was help and was the largest to date, with visitors from all over the world, including both horse lovers and archery lovers, coming to view the event. We are looking forward to sharing our life and culture of YABUSAME to the world.

Reason for Selection
Sakura Yabusame lets us watch someone dressed in Japanese traditional armors riding on a horse, then aiming at a target with the traditional bow and arrow with beautiful sakura in the background. I could see cherry blossoms, horses, Japanese tradition and Japanese skills at once. I could also feel that women and the young generation cherish both the beautiful cherry blossoms and the tradition.

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