Sengan-en and Satsuma Kiriko

Sengan-en and Satsuma Kiriko
Category: Outbound
Area: Kagoshima

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Sengan-en was built in 1658 by Mitsuhisa Shimadzu , the 19th leader of Shimadzu family, as a family villa. It was loved by many, such as the great Nariakira Shimadzu, Atsuhime, and many more historic greats, as a famous garden with magnificent views of Kinko Bay and Sakurajima Volcano. The 50,000sq. m (~540,000sq. ft) garden boasts blooming flowers year-round while hosting a variety of events throughout the year conveying the traditions and arts of the samurai class. In 2015, is was designated a World Heritage Site as one of the Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution.Satsuma Kiriko is one of Kagoshima’s traditional crafts. It is a cut glass craft with color gradations and fine cuts said to be created by Nariakira Shimadzu. After Nariakira’s death, production was stopped, but in 1985, the craft was restored. In the workshop adjacent to Sengan-en, craftsman can be observed creating, cutting, and polishing the glasswork.

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