Category: Outbound
Award Recipient: Sekijima Mizuhiki
Area: Nagano

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Iida’s Mizuhiki, the ancient Japanese art form represents “connecting people and connecting their hearts”
This hair ornament is designed to be reversible for both Japanese hair and Western-style hair ornaments using special knots. There are many types of Mizuhiki, and there are many ways to tie it. That inspires creativity. More than 200 colors are used to create an almost endless world. For small Mizuhiko, you can connect pin badges to accent items and the longer Mizuhiki let you make a large hair piece with an increased number of Mizuhiki. We can order whatever you like. We still seek our opportunity to expand our creations by the combination of colors and knots. Foreign visitors who visit Iida can enjoy making Mizuhiki.  We also have workshops at the foreign embassies, universities, and partner companies. Mizuhiki can be “Good to see, good to use, good to experience”, and we are looking forward to connecting more people through our activities. We are striving to make this award more and more possible to expand the unlimited possibilities of Mizuhiki.

Reason for Selection

Mizuhiki embodies Japanese beauty. Mizuhiki is used in special occasions such as weddings and ceremonies. Mizuhiki, which is used in such places and has the meaning of “tying”, is more attractive than a simple ribbon.

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