MEGASTAR / Planetarium 1351

Ohira Tech
Yokohama City, KANAGAWA
Ohira Takayuki

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MEGASTAR planetarium is the most accurate representation of the actual universe mankind has ever created. The system can recreate the expanse and vastness of space and stardust of Milky Way. Each small shining star exists in this planetarium though people can’t recognize with their eyes. It can recreate, with original depth, any night with myriads of stars, no matter the size, and express Milky Way as a group of stars in detail. This highly oroginal technology was developed by Takayuki Ohira, the creator of this planetarium, as a private project. Flagship model SUPER MEGASTAR-II, which is announced in June of 2008, projects 22 million stars. (For reference, Zeiss projector Mark IX that is used in Hayden Planetarium projects only under ten thousand stars.)

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