Award Recipient: TBM Co., Ltd.
Area: Chuo Ward, Tokyo

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LIMEX, a new high-tech material crafted from stone that can substitute for paper or plastic, uses limestone as its main ingredient. It can be used for various purposes, such as business cards, restaurant menus, PR materials, food containers, lifestyle products and gardening items. It differs from conventional stone paper, as the material is lightweight, high quality, and can be crafted cheaply. Furthermore, LIMEX is durable and water-resistant, and its high reusability makes it special. Products that substitute LIMEX for paper use absolutely no wood pulp, the raw ingredient for manufacturing paper. LIMEX makes it possible to conserve a substantial amount of water when compared to the water normally needed to make paper. In addition, products that substitute LIMEX for plastic can limit the amount of oil usage and reduce CO2, making it possible to help alleviate the world’s resource exhaustion problem.

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