WoodBoard KUKU

WoodBoard KUKU
Category: Outbound
Award Recipient: Naka Lumber
Area: Tokushima

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The Wood Board series is made with local timber from the Naka area in Tokushima. Compared to other wood, this cedar has a softer and gentle feel with a beautiful grain. It may seem a bit bulkier than other products, but this makes is feel more stable and allows various maneuvers, as well. The SUP and surf boards are particularly sought after with each product being built by a craftsman to the demands of the client. Not only are they great for enjoying nature such as the ocean, lakes, and rivers, but also are often used indoor, as well.
Through contributing to the preservation of the ocean, rivers, and mountain forests, the products are able to portray the abundant nature of the area connect the mountains, rivers, and oceans, to the world.

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