Hozugawa River Rafting

Hozugawa River Rafting
Category: Inbound
Award Recipient: Hozugawa Yusen Sightseeing Boat Association
Area: Kyoto

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Dancing on the waves through the rocks while enjoying the amazing views on both sides of the river which weaves through the mountains. This is Hozugawa river rafting. It at began in 1606 with a healthy merchant transporting his goods to the capital city, Kyoto. In the late 1800s, the named even reached the West when royal family members from Europe, including England, experienced rafting on the river.Spring brings new life with the cherry blossoms, summer offers refreshing cool air, the autumn leaves paint a picture along the riverside in the fall, and winter even offers a still, dry, and calm atmosphere. All four seasons can be truly enjoyed.Large rocks showing the flow of time. Oddly shaped rocks and boulders. Playful schools of fish. Water birds spreading their wings throughout the valley. Boatman navigating the river with traditional techniques as if they were part of nature. Hozugawa River Rafting invites you to join this feel the excitement and comfort that comes with this boat trip.

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