Edo Kara Paper

Edo Kara Paper
Category: Outbound
Award Recipient: Tokyo Matsuya Co., Ltd.
Area: Tokyo

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“Edo Karakami” is a craft made from Japanese paper with various decorations. It is used as Fusuma-shi, paper for sliding doors, or Kabegami, wallpaper.In the early Edo period, craftsmen inspired by Kyoto’s Karakami-shi, the Chinese paper craftsmen, emigrated in Tokyo, and they began to manufacture Karakami which were affixed to the walls of Edo houses. Those are called “Kyoho Sengata”, and the Edo Kara patterns flourished with various variations.The valuable woodblocks vanished after the Great Kanto Earthquake and the Bombing of Tokyo, but Tokyo Matsuya, the original woodblock dealer, and some craftsmen worked on the reconstruction to establish the “Edo Karami Cooperative”. In 1991 (Heisei 3rd), the Edo Karami sample book was released, designated as a traditional craft in Tokyo, designated as a national traditional craft, and acquired a regional collective trademark (regional brand).

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It is wonderful that Japanese old technology still produces beautiful products. Japanese-inspired décors are popular overseas, so if you have products for overseas, many people want them.

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