Kumiko Tategu

Kumiko Tategu
Category: Outbound
Award Recipient: Inamata Kumiko tategu Shop
Area: Niigata

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In 1965, Inomata joinery store was opened. In 1977, we were nominated in the 11th National Joinery Award for the first time since then our shop has been nominated for this award several times. We now specialized in art joinery especially Kumiko.

In 1991, Kazuhiro Inomata took over the business as the 2nd generation, and in 1994 it was renamed to K-INO Inomata Art at the time we relocated to a new shop. We noticed the importance of design through working for Ryokans, now we design the products more than before.

In 2014, we joined the project, the Tale of Century products in Niigata, and introduced the Kumiko product. 

In 2016, Joined MAISON&OBJET in Paris, France, and expanded our business globally. Since then we’ve exhibited there 3 years in row, and we have more oversea clients now.

Clients: Ginza Kyubei, Ryotei Ukiyo, Bettei Senjyuan, Shikisai Ichiriki etc

Reason for Selection

 Their decorations are truly beautiful, and those were created with fine work and high technology that cannot be imitated. I feel the inheritance of the old history and technology. They have wonderful designs matching the Japanese culture.

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