Rice Shochu of Torikai Shuzo

Rice Shochu of Torikai Shuzo
Category: Outbound
Award Recipient: Torikai Shuzo
Area: Kumamoto

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About 20 years ago, we heard about the development plan for an industrial waste treatment plant in the Souzu River, a stream of the Kuma River tributary and the last clear stream of the Hitoyoshi region.We decided to acquire this region and carry out environmental conservation. The distillery remained there untouched, but was devastated by several disasters, so it has moved. The distillery continues to work together to brew and restore and preserve nature.In the distillery surrounded by forests beside the mountain stream, “Ginka Torii” is made. It is characterized by the flavor of Ginjo, which were made by groundwater, yeast and ginjo koji made from an ancient tradition Yellow koji.

Reason for Selection

How wonderful Torii Shuzo is! They stood up when the beautiful local nature was about to be destroyed, and not only make delicious shochu, but also protected the local irreplaceable nature. 

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