March 2020

Magewappa ‘ Wooden container

Magewappa ‘ Wooden container KURIKYU Odate City, AKITA Shunji Kurimori Click here for inquiries such as purchase Magewappa describes a traditional Japanese cylindrical container made by bending thin plates of cedar wood into shape. These containers are customarily used for lunch boxes as the cedar naturally absorbs excess moisture, thus preventing the rice and accompaniments …

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15.0% Spoon

15.0% Spoon LEMNOS Takaoka City, TOYAMA Naoki Terada Click here for inquiries such as purchase At first glance, it may look just like a cute spoon. However, there is a great technology hidden inside. Everyone has experience of having trouble eating hardened ice cream. This spoon is made of solid aluminum. Using the high thermal …

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Hard Lock Nut

Hard Lock Nut HARDLOCK Industry Higashi Osaka City, OSAKA Click here for inquiries such as purchase Screws inevitably become loose; such common sense became things of the past. “Hard lock nut” exhibits a nearly perfect loosening prevention effect that does not cause screw rotation, and maintains high fastening force even under severe vibration conditions. Many …

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