Gyugin Honten Matsusaka Wagyu Beef

Gyugin Honten Matsusaka Wagyu Beef
Category: Inbound
Award Recipient: Gyugin Honten
Area: Mie

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Founded in 1902 (Meiji 35th), Ginzo Kobayashi, the founder of Gyugin, opened the butcher shop named after his own name. Meat was randomly cut up in cubes and used in mixed batches regardless of the muscle cut. He succeeded to get attention from the customers by displaying these beautiful meats. 

Ginzo opened the beef restaurant next to his shop, and started offering “Gyu Nabe(beef hotpot) and Gyu Meshi (beef bowls) for 1zeni 5rin ( About 5700yen value of today)”. He changed the name of restaurant to “Western Cuisine” in the early Showa era. At the time, many travelers whose destination was Ise Grand Shrine stopped by Gyugin, and some of them were famous politicians, successful business men and artists. Gyugin has preserved the same look of its store front since then. 

Gyugin style of Sukiyaki is to cook beef with the simple seasoning made with just soy sauce and sugar. We use 1-week aged beef and we suggest customers to eat beef when it’s still slightly pink. We kept the original flavor of seasoning since its founding. The restaurant is still owned by the Kobayashi family, and the current owner is Koji Kobayashi, the 4th generation. 

Reason For Selection

Matsuzaka beef in Mie is the famous Japanese beef along with Kobe beef, and I’m very pleased to enjoy this delicious meal in this atmosphere. Matsuzaka beef and historical building is cool in term of both taste and visual. This historical architecture has its own culture, and western tourists must enjoy it.

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