Lacquerware Lighting: Michikaze, Shizuku, Komorebi

Lacquerware Lighting: Michikaze, Shizuku, Komorebi
Category: Outbound
Award Recipient: KISHU+
Area: Wakayama

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The “AKARI IN JAPAN” series is a collection of lighting that is a new product category for lacquerware operators.We have developed a new product based on the light of Japan, with the unique light sensitivity of lacquerware.Incorporating traditional techniques such as Negoro-painting, but using traditionally decorated lacquer as a reflector of light, we combine new techniques and interpretations to express new lacquerware that cannot be reached by hand or machine work alone.We exhibited at “MAISON&OBJET” in January 2019 in Paris, France, and were well received by interior designers and lighting retailers from various countries. We hope to expand sales both in Japan and overseas.

Reason for Selection

Japanese technology deserves praise. It is wonderful because it is a beautiful and futuristic design, but made with traditional crafts!

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