Category: Outbound
Award Recipient: Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Area: Gifu

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Hida Sangyo is a western furniture maker based in Hida Takayama since 1920. The Tatamiza furniture, which won the COOL JAPAN AWARD 2019, is designed by Kenya Hara, the famous Japanese designer. It comes from the idea of trying to be as simple as possible as long as it can support your back. The shape is extremely simple and thanks to the technology of Hida Sangyo, the wood can be bent to this amazing shape.
The other awarded product, kinoe was designed by the young Ibuki Kaiyama. This series is made with domestic wood only. The products are mostly cedar wood, with some parts made from chestnut and beech. It’s a sustainable product and uses kinds of wood that normally don’t appear in furniture making.

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